So hey the title was misleading big deal wanna fight about it?

Real talk friends its been 6 months since I had a job so to have one again is a blessing. No more relying on ppl, asking for favors, and handouts, sitting broke n lonely. Man fuck that.


Idc that its seasonal either. Guarantee you I’m gonna be one of the ppl to get hired on permanently. I’m to hype like wen Kanye hopped on stage and cut Taylor off.


The benefits are great. Major discount and the stuff sold is $5 and under. Coworkers I met seem cool af. I’m excited and proud of myself. I’m the only one who was hired on the spot and I get paid more.

Yes I’m stuntin. Like a kid in the candy store. Jus know everytime you see me say to yourself


Yes I do and ur dismissed!!! #TeamEmployed

From My Heart 2 Yourz


About Lez Liquor

you wanna get to know me then read my blogs

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